Referrals that work where you already work.

Broadcast open roles, manage referrals, and capture new leads, all from the comfort of your Teams Space.

Works where you work

No need to switch contexts. Stay in the zone.

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Save time and effort.

Context switching causes ~23.5 minutes of producitivty loss per interruption. Dapa avoids this by keeping your team right where they already work.

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Fully engage your team.

Capture the attention of your team with automated, recurring reminders of open roles, and potential bonuses to be earned.

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Increase hiring rates.

Dapa users report an average increase of 34% hiring rates, with over just under half of the new hires being direct referrals.

Why should you use Dapa?

Trust your team and cut down on low-quality candidates.

The statistics don't lie.

Referals are proven to work, and consistently lead to higher quality candidates that are a better fit for your organization.

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    Referrals have a 46% retention rate, compared to 33% among non-referrals.

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    Referrals stay for up to 70% longer.

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    Referrals reduce turnover by up to 20%.

Zippia, Employee Referral Statistics.

Referrals are the key to high-quality talent.